In this day and age, what really is a guarantee?Most people tend now to use words such as love, promise, sincerely, definitely, and of course, guarantee very lightly indeed. The original substance of these very words seems to be lost to us all.

Now a days we listen to people say these statements  and really want to believe it but deep down, the realisation is that these words are not used to justify their real meaning, but more over to try to convey an idea of what they mean.

It is for this reason that businesses now pass on their message that they “care”, when actually they only really “try to care”. They may give “quality customer service”, when really all they do is what they have to do. They may promise “quality workmanship”, when really they mostly only really do what they have to. A warranty or guarantee seems to sound good, until you find that there is no real substance or binding to it at all.

At Rod Marsh Electrical, we take our “guarantee” very seriously. “We will exceed your expectations- guaranteed”. This statement only really sets us above our opposition if we really mean it. We can only be seen to really mean it if we back it up with a strong strategy of enforcing it.

Unlike other businesses, we don’t expect to be paid unless you, our valued customer, are completely happy with the work we have performed.

  1. If, for any reason you are not entirely happy with the job we have done, we will work with you to rectify the job until you are satisfied.
  2. If you are not entirely happy with the promptness and cleanliness of the service we have provided you, again, we will work with you to rectify this situation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed your expectations, from the moment you make first contact with us, to the moment we leave your premises nice and clean and back the way we had found it. Unlike others, we value your business far beyond performing your electrical service, to keeping you up to date with new developments within the industry, new products, tips and any specials and discounts that may arise.

We here at Rod Marsh Electrical do exceed your expectations and we very strongly guarantee it.

Rod Marsh

Owner and Operator