Always try to acquire an electrician who has a professional and experienced attitude to you and your electrical problems. This can be gauged by the time they take to reply to your enquiry and how they reply to your questions. Professional contractors are excellent communicators. A professional electrician knows his trade well and can explain details and solutions without relying on third party sources. Make sure your electrician is able to understand your needs properly and has the ability to listen to your worries and concerns, as well as providing some reasonable, sensible and well thought out solutions to benefit you now and in the future.


Another quality that you must look for when selecting your electrician is the number and quality of references they can provide. You can also do some investigating of your own by talking to other clients to evaluate how well the job was done, was the cost reasonable, was it clean and prompt etc. You can also check with your local business bureau to see if there have been any complaints lodged against the prospective electrician. This is where word of mouth or referral from a friend may be a valuable thing.

Skill & Experience.

Not all electricians have the same skill set or the same amount of electrical experience. The electrical industry is very expansive and has many areas of specialised skill sets. It is important to ensure that your electrician has the skill set that is required for you to resolve any electrical problems you have or may have. It is therefore important to make sure the electrician you select has the experience and skill set required to rectify your problem. It would seem pointless to employ a metering expert to come out to install an additional phone point, as the result would be lost time and money, or worse still, a substandard job that is possibly not safe for you and your loved ones. A good reason to deal with reliability.

The Fee You Pay

Most electricians will give you an on the spot free quote on your required electrical solutions. Don’t make the mistake of always going for the cheapest quote you can get- the quality of the work will no doubt be reflected by the cheap price paid. Cheap can sound good for your budget but also means a no frills job done to the absolute minimum, and in some cases could lead to the job not being done in a safe manner for you and your loved ones. Alternatively, don’t jump on what seems to be an exorbitant price either as you may be getting cheated or ripped off. You can ask for an idea of the hourly rate and associated costs so you know what you are paying for. An honest electrician will be up front with you in explaining what is required and what materials are needed and how long it may take to complete. The skill and experience of your electrician must also be remembered when taking all of this into account. This is good for you to then be able to make an educated decision on which electrician to use.

License & Insurance

Make sure that your electrician is fully licensed and insured. The license will guarantee you that your electrician is fully qualified and has been trained with all the necessary skills to perform their work in a professional and safe manner. Any Electrician should be able to produce a license for you so you can also run a check if you so desire. The insurance is of utmost importance to protect you and your property, should any sort of accident or unforseen problems occur.